Dr. Gregg Tomy, PhD, Director

Dr. Tomy has over 20 years of experience analyzing complex contaminants in environmental matrices. He is a trained analytical environmental chemist and graduated with his PhD from the University of Manitoba in 1997. Dr. Tomy has received numerous national and international recognitions. In 2009, he was awarded the top young international environmental researcher by his peers at the Royal Society of Chemistry (UK) and the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry. His scientific expertise has been sought by members of the United Nations Stockholm Convention, the premier global treaty that regulates the production and use of anthropogenic compounds in the environment, as an international expert on analytical chemistry and ecotoxicology. As a former government of Canada scientist, Dr. Tomy received the Ministerial Award of Excellence (2011), one of the highest awards that can be given to a federal scientist, for his scientific work on behalf of Canada with the United Nations.


Dr. Jörg Stetefeld, PhD, Director

Dr. Stetefeld is a Canada Research Chair in Structural Biology and Professor for Biochemistry. He studied Biochemistry and Crystallography and received his PhD at the Max-Planck-Institute for Biochemistry. Dr. Stetefeld worked for several years in the pharmaceutical industry and established his research group in Winnipeg in 2006. He performs an integrated approach combining several high-resolution structural biology techniques with in-depth biophysical and biochemical methods. His expertise lies in revealing structure-function relationships of target systems and the development of applications thereof. Dr. Stetefeld determined the first right-handed coiled coil structure of the archaea S. marinus.  This unique nanotube shows four large cavities and lays the foundation for the development of passive sampler devices as a new generation bioremediation tools.